1. A Quick Tip For Better Photos



    Whether you just want a good family picture or you’re a seasoned photographer, patience is a must in order to get those great photos.  Sure, there are things like sports, weddings, etc where patience may not be as appropriate.  However, for 99% of us we can apply this the next time we look through that lens.  

    Most people make the mistake of getting just the smiley photo.  But sometimes the gold is in the before or after when no one knows you’re taking pictures (another reason not to use flash).  Take a look at the picture above.  The one of the left is sweet, but the one on the right is sweet plus some.  I still like the one on the left (I took both of course).  There’s nothing wrong with it.  However, everyone wants photos that POP.  The one on the right makes clients feel like they’re in a magazine.  

    That’s why it’s important to have a photographer that you trust, and that will be patient to get the right shot instead of just another shot.

    You may be thinking that you can’t do this, but you can.  Next time you snap a few shots of friends, or family.  Just stay behind the camera for just a little longer than you normally do.  Go ahead and tell them that you already got a good picture, and tell them to talk for just a second.  Eventually they have to stop fake smiling.  :)

    Here’s to better photos!

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